PHP is an extremely versatile language. One of the recent avenues I’ve explored is creating RESTful Web API’s with PHP. For security reasons I wanted to use a tried and trusted process, and this led me to OAuth 2.0. If you aren’t familiar with OAuth 2.0 it is the process used when you those links on sites which say “Login with Facebook” or “Login with Google”. Those links start the OAuth 2.0 process where Facebook or Google is the identity provider and the site you are wishing to login to utilizing those accounts is the identity consumer. The Identity Provider/Consumer are specific OAuth 2.0 keywords that help understand the roles and responsibilities of the actors in the process.

My objective is to become an Identity Provider (IP) and then build one or more client applications (web sites, mobile apps, etc.) which use the process to authenticate and securely transmit data as an Identity Consumer (IC). There is a great PHP library for this on Github called “Flight”. It is a very lightweight framework and my first attempt I had it setup and processing requests within a few hours. If you are looking to get into the OAuth 2.0 space, and being an Identity Provider I highly recommend using this framework.

You can view / download the Flight framework on github here: